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February 2, 2012
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"I—can't—breathe—" Alek said through gasps, his lungs felt as if they were going to burst at any moment. His chest was trying, and failing, to heave enough air into his lungs to successfully oxygenate the rest of his body. "This—is—torture—"

"Oh, do be quiet, Alek, and stop your whining. We women go through this nearly every day to satisfy the male perspective of a perfect feminine figure." Dr. Barlow said perspicaciously as she tightened the laces of Alek's corset.

"Misogynist!" yelped the Loris on her shoulder in agreement.

"I—am—not—a—misogynist!" Alek huffed out in outrage. "I'm—perfectly—alright—when—Deryn—"

"Ah, yes. Miss Sharp. You are perfectly all right when Miss Sharp dresses up as a man because you think that everyone should try to be as strong and sturdy as a man. Anyone who wears a dress is considered to be weak. In fact, you men, think that all women should be obsessed with you lot. You all think that we women should think about you twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week." Dr. Barlow pressed on. "I assure you Mr. Chotek, that tonight you will have to shed your pride for your gender and embrace your feminine side. We are all depending on you and Miss Sharp." Dr. Barlow gave the laces one final tug before tying them in a neat bow. She them proceeded to slip the dark green velvet dress over Alek's head, helping him put his hands through the sleeves.

The door then opened slowly, making only a quiet creaking noise, before the floorboards beneath them groaned with the added weight to the room. Alek could not see who was at the door, as he was gripping the wall to steady himself, but he could hear the loud laughing that came from behind him.

"I must say," Deryn said between gasps of air, more likely from the laughing than from the corset. "That dress definitively matches your eyes."

Alek turned around slowly, trying to keep his balance on the high heels. "That is not—" He stopped abruptly when he saw her. The dress that she was wearing definitively matched her eyes and brought out the sky in them. "You look amazing." He felt that even that was not enough to describe how wonderful she looked.

"Don't get used to it." Deryn growled. "As soon as this mission is over, I am getting as far away from petticoats as I possibly can."

"Children!" Dr. Barlow reprimanded. "Focus! You must still be briefed!" The boffin swore politely under her breath. Something about how difficult it was to work with teenagers. Dr. Barlow gave Alek and Deryn the picture of a man and a woman. Both Alek and Deryn gaped at the man's picture. "Your mission is to find out whether Count Volger is romantically involved with this woman. It is a matter of international safety."
This is one of my attempts at humor. Be kind, please... I have been told that I have a very poor sense of humor, and generally I find things that are bloody and disgusting, funny :)

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Hahahahaha! the ending just mad my day! Hahahahaha!
bubblemoon66 Mar 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
lol :lol: - and yes I actually laughed laughed out load at this - it was hilarious! Great job! :D
magical-marnie321 Mar 5, 2012  Student Writer
Veowulf Feb 3, 2012  Student General Artist
oh Alek.. you and your Misogynist ways
teambookwormm Feb 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
LAWL. :rofl:
Yes. This was hilarious! Oh Barlow ;) Sneaky beak!
SwagSodas Feb 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
OH MY. I LAUGHED SOOOO HARD. xDDD I think you should do a follow up
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